Ubu Sings Ubu (2014-15)

Co- Directed and Choreographed by Dan Safer

Ubu Sings Ubu is a theatrical mash up of Alfred Jarry’s absurdist satire Ubu Roi and the art punk songs of the cult experimental band Pere Ubu. Starring Tony Torn and Julie Atlas Muz as Pa and Ma Ubu- Performed at Abron's Art Center and The Slipper Room.

Co-directed and choreographed by Dan Safer. Adapted and Co-directed by Tony Torn. Featuring a new version of Jarry's text from a Google Translation of the original French.

Video design by Kaz Phillips Safer. Sets and costumes by Deb O. Lights by Jay Ryan Sound design and musical direction by Vera Beren. Merdreturgy by Nicole Peyrafitte.

With THE UBU SINGS UBU BAND: Vera Beren (Queen Rosemund of Poland/Keys/Theremin/Backing Vocals), Emmitt Joe George* (Captain Edge, Bass, Backing Vocals), Matt Butterfield (Prince Bougrelas of Poland, Guitar, Backing vocals), Patrick "Paddymyke" Conlon (King Weneslas of Poland/Drums/Backing Vocals), Dan Safer (Bear), Katie Ingram and  Sarah Rahman (Ubettes). Songs by Pere Ubu.

Loud, inspired, and more than a little deranged, ‘Ubu Sings Ubu’ mixes a Google translate version of Alfred Jarry’s 1896 scatological satire, ‘Ubu Roi’ with songs written by the experimental rock band Pere ubu. And it works. This is ‘Ubu’ as a punk cabaret, dynamic dance numbers and all. Smartly directed by Tony Torn, who also adapted the piece, and Dan Safer, who doubles as its choreographer.
— Laura Collins-Hughes, NY Times
The audience is sozzled, plied with liquor from the onstage bar; the performers are soaked, dripping with sweat, makeup, and (I’m pretty sure) kielbasa juice. The room is a sponge that can’t take another drop. Yet the substance that truly saturates Ubu Sings Ubu is history, the long tale of experimental-absurdist drama, and a venerated stink rises from every dirty, sexy pore... (the musical) numbers are splendid, enraged, hilarious and fucking well played by Vera Beren and her merry band.
— Helen Shaw, Time Out New York
One of the best pieces of theater on NYC stages right now
— Jeremy M. Barker, Culturebot
Insane, hilarious, scary, precise. Julie Atlas Muz and Tony Torn and Dan Safer and Co. shred it.
— Juliana Francis Kelly
Tony Torn’s career defining performance
— Penny Arcade
One of the best down & dirty rocket-in-my-(Ubu)-pocket explosive performances in New York in the last 10 years.
— Frank Hentschker
Sexy and terrifying and funny and lovable and what a wild ride.
— Juliana Francis Kelly
Best theater of the fucking theater season people!!!
— Nicky Paraiso
The next morning, I had a black eye, and I didn’t remember how I got it.
— John Reed, The Brooklyn Rail