Daily Life Everlasting

The third collaboration between Witness Relocation and acclaimed writer Charles Mee, in which people meet, fall in love, make out with each other, find being alive awkward but funny, and dance quite a lot. With original songs by Obie-winning composer Heather Christian and costume design by Brooklyn-based maverick fashion designer Brad Callahan. 

The vibe is rowdy and playfully surreal. Actors throw themselves around the stage with abandon, leaping into each other’s arms to kiss or fight. They convene for a strobe-lighted bacchanal (joined by a couple of saucy Easter bunnies). The urgency is key: Daily life, humdrum in its routines, can feel everlasting — until, suddenly, it’s over.
— Jacob Gallagher-Ross, Village Voice
Part experimental theatre, part dance show, and part pop music video the young cast is brightly colored, aggressive, and passionate, providing a highly entertaining roller-coaster of an evening.
— Victoria Teague, New York Theatre Review
raucous and joyful
— Alexis Soloski, The New York Times
The line between theater and performance gets another cheerful nudge from Witness Relocation’s Daily Life Everlasting, a party-cum-show that fizzes with a thousand dance breaks—and then effervesces...like Easter on ecstasy.
— Helen Shaw, Time Out New York